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Why We Are Different

Most IT companies work reactively, meaning they respond when you have a problem. If something catastrophic happens, they profit by the long hours required to get you back to business. That’s not how we work! We work proactively, remotely monitoring your server, updating patches and virus protection, ensuring adequate backups , and catching problems early. It’s our job to help you avoid downtime due to computer issues. If something catastrophic happens while your IT is in our hands, we absorb the risk of the labor required to get you back to business. Can your current IT provider claim this?

Prefix Technologies provides a unique solution to your business. Imagine having all of the benefits of an internal IT department but without the cost. We offer free consulting services in the form of a CIO. With us, you can accurately budget your IT expenses for the year. You get the benefits of a fixed, flat monthly rate that provides you with comprehensive IT services and solutions including remote monitoring, proactive maintenance and support, and on-call troubleshooting and onsite support. You will no longer have to avoid calling for help because you are attempting to avoid another service charge. We want to know when you notice problems so we can proactively manage those concerns.

Best of all, with us, you transfer the risk of the unthinkable to us. If your server fails, you pay nothing more with us. We own the responsibility of getting you back to business.

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